Being an affiliate means to make a commitment to be part of PokÉxplore's community. You should be a regularly-updating, if not, an updating with GOOD excuses, at least slightly below-average site. As a fellow webmaster/webmistress, you need not like Pokémon, but be friendly enough to acknowledge this site with respect as our community will be to you.
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If you agree to all that, then feel free to email me with your screen name, site link, and maybe a button (88x31 or 100x26) to represent it!
If I consent (which I probably will if you have medium grammar, a fairly good site, and seem friendly, *HINT**HINT**HINT*), you may paste code onto your site.

Which should make this: PokÉxplore -  The Pokémon World At A Brand New Level!

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If you so feel that you would simply like to spread the word of our site, then feel free to paste the above code, as long as you can confirm it if queried as simply a link.


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